Federal, State and local government agencies face the daunting challenge of maintaining ever increasing amounts of paper documents. Not only do these documents and records need to be retained for an indefinite amount of time for their historical and informational relevance but the general public also needs to have access to them. Because of this need for public access, the documents cannot simply be stored away for safekeeping - they need to be readily available. To meet these challenges of safekeeping and public access, many governmental agencies are turning digital archiving.
By maintaining the documents in digital format, they can easily be shared with other governmental agencies and private citizens alike while achieving cost savings and increased productivity.
Paperless Digital Solutions has been working with governmental agencies for the past 7 years to help them achieve their document conversion and retention goals. We have scanned everything from 300 year old onion-skin documents to 30 day old operations manuals. Our client agencies include:

We have extensive experience in the following industries:

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