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In 2002, while working at an architectural firm, our founder noticed how much time was wasted by associates searching through file cabinets and archives looking for files that were often misplaced or damaged resulting is a tremendous amount of wasted resources. Realizing that there must be a better way to store and retrieve records, she started Paperless Digital Solutions. From the beginning, PDS focused low volume, high quality work. Over the years, PDS has refrained from bidding on large volume clients so that we can spend the necessary amount of time and resources on our core principle of providing a quality product.
PDS started as a home based business which scanned less than 20,000 records in its first year; by 2008 PDS was scanning over 1,000,000 records annually. In 2009 PDS took on two additional principles and changed it's logo to better reflect it's efforts in helping it's clients become more environmentally conscience. Over the past 7 years, PDS has maintained a "low profile" by not actively advertising. Our growth has all been from referrals starting with our first client. Today, our client list includes Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools, Mecklenburg County Register of Deeds, Roper-St. Francis Hospital (Charleston, SC), NC Services for the Blind, Zande Homes, Bovis Lend Lease, National Commission for Certifying Agencies (Washington, D.C.), Little Diversifies Architects and many more. We were also recently requested to prepare a proposal for a large industrial client in the Midwest US. Our reputation for providing exceptional quality and service is well known and recognized.
All work is picked up and delivered by our associates except for rush orders which are picked up and delivered by a private courier service.
We use only Fujitsu and KIP America scanners which offer the highest optical resolution and all work is done in house by our associates - we do not outsource any work.
Unlike other companies who feed the records into a scanner and walk away, at PDS we review each page prior to scanning and if necessary, remove creases, ink seals, organize pages and anything else that is necessary to achieve a quality scan. During the scanning process we preview each page before saving it and lastly, during the final assembly, we again review each page.
Others in the industry require the clients to sign a contract acknowledging that there may be a 10% margin of error (up to 10% of the pages scanned may not be legible). At Paperless Digital Solutions, we do not require a contract and have a 100% quality guarantee. In the unlikely event that any single page is illegible, we will rescan the necessary page(s) and re-assemble the entire file immediately at no cost to our clients.
All of our scans can be converted to commonly used file types so they can easily be shared without the expense of buying specialized or proprietary software that some companies require. Our files can be downloaded and read on most Personal Digital Assistants and Smart phones allowing access to your records anywhere in the world.

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